Lady Randy

A 90-minute, two-actor play. A romp through the life of Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill’s extraordinary American mother.

For further details and/or a copy of the script, contact me here. The promo video’s here.

In 1875, the American heiress, Jennie Jerome, seemed to have have it all. She had married an English lord, she was young, rich and beautiful, and she had just given birth to Winston Churchill. What could go wrong? Lady Randy takes us on a dizzying ride through the treacherous sexual and political landscape of her first marriage. Jennie kept everyone watching, she kept them guessing, and she never, ever surrendered.

The critics agree on Lady Randy

“History comes alive in vibrantly theatrical and intellectual ways in Anne Undeland’s LADY RANDY, which is having an appealing and engaging world premiere by WAM Theatre under the smooth directorial guidance of Jim Frangione.” – Jeffrey Borak, Berkshire Eagle

“engrossing…Undeland…is winning in her role as the audacious and sometimes exuberant Jennie.”– Fred Sokol, Talkin’ Broadway

“Anne Undeland…is superb, magnificent, a 19th century “dollar princess” with a modern edge…Her character is amazingly full-throated and fully fleshed out in every way. She is so convincing it is tempting to consider seeing the play twice just to see if the actress can do this over again.” – J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Edge

“This tour-de-force performance by Mark Zeisler, is nothing short of astonishing.” —Barbara Waldinger, Berkshire on Stage

SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY: Dying of a massive hemorrhage, the American heiress, dollar princess, libertine, and master of political tactics, Jennie Jerome, has only a few moments to come to a reckoning with her son, Winston Churchill. Told as a fever dream of sexy, witty and poignant flashbacks, LADY RANDY gives us Jennie’s first marriage to Lord Randolph Churchill, from her origins in New York city, to her engineering of his meteoric rise, to her stubborn bravery in the face of his tragic end by syphilis.

PLAYWRIGHT’S STATEMENT:Brilliant, maddening, impossibly seductive, vaultingly ambitious, I fell headlong in love with this woman who was at once ahead of her time and yet very much a product of her era. The first in a long line of dollar princesses, Jennie Jerome married into Britain’s social and political stratosphere and then, completely undaunted, she wrote her own rules in the dangerous game of sex and power. Her audacity stunned me.” —Playwright Anne Undeland

The WORLD PREMIERE of lady Randy, produced by WAM Theatre, played at Shakespeare & Company Lenox MA, in 2019 to sold-out houses and critical acclaim.